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Leisure time & hiking holiday in the Allgäu

Take a winter walk and enjoy the glittering snow and the view of the snow-topped summits of our magnificent mountains.

The Allgäu and, in particular, Oberstdorf are ideal holiday destinations for the right mix of activity and relaxation. Hiking holiday at the highest level – at varying levels of difficulty. Ranging from a gentle walk with a view of the mountains, via an easy day trip, through to challenging mountain trails and mountain tours, ending with a rest or overnight stay in a cosy lodge and alpine pastures. Let the breath-taking landscape work its magic on you and decide for yourself how much activity there is to be in your holiday in the Allgäu.

about 300 km cycle tracks

about 200 km hiking paths

about 130 km ski slopes

discount on mountain railways

cross-country skiing

nature and culture highlights

Der Freibergsee

Varied active holiday in the Allgäu

Of course, the Allgäu is not just about hiking holidays. Cycling and mountain biking routes attract and raise the pulse of biking enthusiasts with their magnificent views of the Allgäu landscape. There are a wide range of routes, individual combinations, and an extensive cycle route network. And, of course, winter is an attractive time of year for your holiday in Oberstdorf in the Allgäu. This is because of its location in the Oberstdorf-Kleinwalsertal skiing region on the Austrian-German border, with its five ski resorts offering guaranteed snow and everything for families and professionals alike. It is also a paradise for snowboarders. Those who like it a little less fast-paced are in good hands on the 75 kilometre long network of cross-country ski tracks (classic) and the 55 kilometres for skaters. And the magnificent landscape of the Allgäu Alps is always in sight.

Gipfelerlebnisse in den Allgäuer Bergen

Enjoy nature "naturally"

In our unique alpine landscape, we offer you 200 km of hiking paths on 3 levels and at every level of difficulty:

  • Walking trails at the foot of the mountains
  • Hiking paths at a medium difficulty level
  • High altitude trails or climbing routes
  • Naturally, in the winter, too!

You can enjoy our nature as a cyclist, too: With a 109 km long cycle route network and 243 km of mountain bike routes, we have something for everyone.

Winterwandern im Allgäuurlaub in Oberstdorf

Oberstdorf – a winter wonderland!

The Oberstdorf / Kleinwalsertal ski resort offers limitless winter fun on pistes and cross-country ski tracks with guaranteed snow.

We provide skiing fun at every level of difficulty:

  • Skiing areas for the whole family
  • High altitude slopes for the specialists
  • Cross-country ski tracks for pleasure skiers
  • World Cup cross-country ski tracks for the pros
  • Naturally, for snowboarders, too!